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Workplace support for survivors of childhood trauma. A comprehensive mental health solution for all employees.

  • 70% of Survivors say their trauma had a negative impact on their career.

  • 80% tell us that it’s essential to have permanent support at work.

  • 40% have taken more than 20 days’ sick leave over the last 12 months.

The Need

Given the taboo, childhood trauma is not yet recognised in the workplace and survivors hide behind a "mental health" label. But the impact reaches beyond mental health.

Thrive enables employers to meet the needs of survivors and all employees with mental health problems.

Over 70%

of survivors said their childhood abuse had a negative impact on their work or career.

More than half

of survivors have been unable to work because of symptoms related to their childhood abuse in the last 12 months.

Overall, 70%

of survivors think guaranteed access to workplace support throughout their working life is very important.

  • "Apart from a total of 1.5 yrs, I have never been able to work and I am now 45 . No support, no therapy etc makes it impossible."

  • "I feel like I'm barely hanging on to my job by my fingertips. I want to work, work gives me a purpose and a feeling of self respect, but sometimes I find it impossible to go in and I know my colleagues feel angry and annoyed that I'm off so much."

The Solution

Thrive is timely and sensitive, and based on a solid business case. Our expertise is usually beyond the knowledge of even the most experienced Managers, HR professionals and Employee Assistance Programmes.

HR Guidance

Our HR Consultants provide specialist up to date guidance and will advise employers in the most difficult of cases. We cover the full range of issues. And we also advise on strategies to promote Thrive in the workplace.

Solution Focused Coaching

Employees can access safe and supportive coaching to improve productivity and performance. Our solution-focused coaching also offers a cost-effective intervention to speed up an effective return to work.

Thrive Navigator

Employees can access a Thrive navigator for resources and information about health and wellbeing, stress, financial issues and debt, consumer issues and family and relationship matters.

Employer Awareness Training & Toolkit

These services combine uniquely to provide guidance about supporting employees throughout the employee lifecycle from recruitment through to performance and separation. Content is guided by senior managers and trainers with lived experience, and includes insight from HR consultants and legal specialists.

Solution Focused Counselling

Thrive has a unique approach to counselling. Solution focused counselling improves wellbeing and addresses specific workplace issues identified by both employee and employer. Furthermore, counselling can be combined with a programme of coaching, offering a truly flexible approach.


When people are physically and mentally well, they think smarter, are motivated to work better both individually and as part of a team and can meet their potential both at work and at home.

For Survivors
  • Reduced fatigue, sickness absence and job churn
  • Improved concentration, productivity and loyalty
  • Positive impact on effectiveness, relationships, team working and motivation
For Employers
  • Improved productivity and engagement
  • Reduced presenteeism and absenteeism
  • Practical measures towards Social Justice and Corporate social responsibility
  • A positive return on investment


  • "It would good for employers to try to understand what the trauma victim is carrying and try and accommodate, where possible, their needs."

  • "I think it's important to have someone who listens and who understands but then implements practical strategies to cope with work."

  • "Most survivors are highly intelligent people and making them feel like they are less than human tends to make them question themselves - even more than they already do. Having someone that understands truly helps."

  • "I would welcome employers offering an employment focused emotional support and a legal advice service to mitigate workplace discrimination and bias - using education and advocacy."

Peter Garsden Simpson Millar LLP

I welcome the initiative of the organisation Thrive at Work to provide support for the victims of childhood trauma.

Over the last 20 years I have witnessed the problems that victims of abuse experience, after they disclose their abuse to us. The effect is damaging to their ability to work and sustain regular employment. They experience issues with trust of any adult, particularly someone in a position of authority like an employer.

Any support service which helps them in the work place can only be beneficial to the many victims of abuse who must be statistically present in most work environments. Unfortunately shame prevents such individuals from disclosing abuse, particularly in childhood. Negative feelings are therefore diverted inwards and not shared. A support service could help with this issue, and I support its objectives.

Dr Susan M Waterworth MBE, MBBS, FFFLM  

Having worked with victims of sexual assault of all ages since 1989, I have become convinced that there is need for understanding in all walks of life of the impact of sexual abuse on those who have experienced it and their families. This is particularly the case where abuse has taken place in childhood where there can be major difficulties with the child?s development and progress.

Survivors can have difficulties with self-confidence, self-belief and self-efficacy which may affect the rest of their lives. Many do very well with the right environment and support.

Over the last few decades a lot of work has been done by organisations to raise awareness of domestic abuse. It is now appropriate to provide the same recognition for the impact of sexual assault and abuse.

Employers can support survivors to reach their full potential benefiting not only the individual but the organisation if they understand the possible long-term effects.

Equally important is understanding the distress of parents and family members who are trying to support someone who has recently been assaulted or who has divulged previous incidents. Particularly parents of young children who need follow-up appointments may find it very difficult to ask for time off work if the employer does not have sufficient understanding of the issues. Again, trying to explain why they cannot come to work for the duration of a court case may cause significant difficulty.

I hope that you are able to engage employers with the service and start the process, as I am sure that the benefits will be readily demonstrated.

Dr Mike Peirce MBE FRSA Southmead Project

This initiative will undoubtedly help address some of the economic impact of childhood trauma. This impact is inestimable in human terms. Goddard?s, the key organisation, is a not for profit social enterprise with charitable aims which means work will be carried out for all the right reasons. Goddard?s have an excellent track record for developing employability skills and coaching with some of society?s most vulnerable people which is absolutely essential for this particular client group where trust is key to any success.

There is limited growth in talking therapies for those who have experienced childhood trauma but there are no services that provides work ? place based, appropriate support, for those in recovery from what is effectively, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Goddard?s are clearly demonstrating the intention to provide a service that is needed and essential where workplace wellbeing is concerned. An alarming lack of understanding and acknowledgement exists in this area of work that demands the knowledge, skills, expertise and levels of understanding that befits work of this nature. Goddard?s have outlined what they and many others see as something that is so clearly needed, that would fill what is a huge gap in service provision. I have no hesitation in supporting them in their efforts and I am prepared to assist in this matter in whatever ways would be helpful.

Jessica Eaton Specialist in Sexual Violence and Forensic Psychology

This initiative is long overdue and a brilliant first step towards recognising not only the long term impact but also on their ability to feel confident and healthy in the workplace.

Many people who have experienced abuse can experience trauma responses and mental health issues throughout their lifespan which could affect their ability and passion for the work that they usually excel at. Employers need support to offer effective, passionate and expert responses to employees in distress and this initiative has the potential to create positive change for employers, employees and their families.

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