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The Portal gives you and your managers access to “just in time” preventative resources to

  • Improve productivity 
  • Reduce sickness absence 
  • Maintain wellbeing. 

The Portal also provides an overview of the impact of childhood trauma on working adults and tools for organisational development. 

  • Thrive joins the dots—content recognises: 
  • The links between long-term health conditions and mental health 
  • That domestic violence spills over into the workplace 
  • Employees experiencing domestic violence are highly likely to have experienced childhood trauma. 


The Thrive Action Plan is unique.

  • It shifts the dialogue from symptoms and diagnosis to solutions and productivity
  • The TAP is an online questionnaire, asking your employee to propose solutions to the aspects of their role that are affected
  • The TAP complements your organisation's policies and procedures and can actually be used by your entire workforce, including Survivors. 


Encourages employees to:

  • Identify their own simple adjustments to discuss with you and come to you with solutions—not problems. 
  • Focus on the requirements of their role—not their diagnosis 
  • Share responsibility for identifying adjustments—which should encourage buy-in.

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